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About Cincinnati Ghosts

Cincinnati has a rich history streaked with tragedy. On your tour, you’ll not only see the city’s deep history, but you’ll also hear chilling accounts of some of Over-The-Rhine’s most famous ghosts and legends from your knowledgeable, local guides. Each stop on your tour has been thoroughly researched and investigated for evidence of hauntings and supernatural activity. You will journey back in time to experience the human stories behind these hauntings through riviting stories of the people who lived and died at each of the sites we visit.

Your carefully crafted tour experience takes you on a unique journey through the charming streets of this Cincinnati neighborhood, stopping at locations that contain eerie presences and energies from past lives as well as significant historical landmarks. This tour is suitable for locals and visitors alike, anyone looking to have fun and maybe learn more about Cincinnati’s history and the ghosts of its past will find Cincinnati Ghosts the ideal experience.

Craig Gibbs

Great historically underbelly of the town, good stories and anecdotes, great guide! Light and fun... read more

Jul 16, 2024

Bryce Davis

Great tour, loved learning the spooky and non spooky history of Cincinnati!... read more

Jul 16, 2024

Emma S

We loved it. It was perfect and Sydney was great. She made the tour interesting and brought the sigh... read more

Jul 13, 2024

nick jones

Had a great experience and learned many interesting facts about Cincinnati even as a local!... read more

Jul 12, 2024

Why is Cincinnati Ghosts so haunted?

Or perhaps you’re just here for a short while want a whistle-stop tour of the story of Cincinnati. Cincinnati Ghosts blends just the right amount of history, fun, and fear to bring you an experience you’re guaranteed to love.

Cincinnati Ghosts is designed to be enjoyable for people of all ages, accessible to everyone, and above all, fun! We take you on a moderately paced, one-mile loop, making for a perfect outing for families, groups, and solo ghost hunters alike!


Remain calm.

Imagine you’ve just had a delicious bowl of chili at one of the hundreds of chili restaurants in the ‘Chili capital of the world’ keep calm as if you have a 4-way bowl to digest.

Be polite.

Imagine you are ordering at Empress Chili, the oldest chili shop in Cincinnati; keep it polite so the regulars don’t toss you out on your ear.

Do not provoke the spirits.

Imagine asking for brie on your chili, or saying the Reds might not go all the way this year, now imagine that rage coming from a ghost!

Stay together.

We haven’t lost anyone from a Cincinnati Ghosts tour yet, and we would hate to start with you. Buddy up, and stay together!

Watch your step.

They say Cincinnati is built on seven hills, like Rome, but our tour route is dead flat, but watch your step, the sidewalks can be slippery when wet, we don’t need any more ghosts in Cincinnati!