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Cincinnati Ghosts

Are you ready to open up the darkest pages of the Queen City’s story? Journey into the heart of Cincinnati’s spiritual underworld on a bone-chilling nighttime adventure with Cincinnati Ghosts.

Join Cincinnati Ghosts as we explore the elegance of the city’s illustrious past, a past that only covers up layers of death and destruction. Book your ghost tour tonight to discover what devilish secrets await you above and below ground.

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Book Your Cincinnati Ghost Tour Tonight!

Cincinnati Ghosts

Cincinnati Ghosts takes you to the most haunted locations in the Queen City to hear about the city’s overcrowded and tumultuous past. The amount of death left behind is still felt and heard in many different ways, evident in the number of ghosts roaming the city streets. Want to get the most out of your Cincinnati ghost tour? Add our Bonus Extended Tour to see even more locations and hear more spine-chilling stories!

Meeting Location: Memorial Hall 1225 Elm St, Cincinnati OH 45202

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

Great historically underbelly of the town, good stories and anecdotes, great guide! Light and fun

Craig Gibbs

Five Stars

Great tour, loved learning the spooky and non spooky history of Cincinnati!

Bryce Davis

Five Stars

We loved it. It was perfect and Sydney was great. She made the tour interesting and brought the sights to life. 10/10 recommend.

Emma S
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

Cincinnati Music Hall

Before it was built in 1877, nearly every square inch of the Cincinnati Music Hall was filled with human remains. Formerly a Potter’s Field holding 10,000 bodies, the music hall comes alive at night with ghastly apparitions and phantom sounds.

Washington Park

In 1988, over 200 pounds of bones were uncovered in this park, where an 1830s orphanage and asylum once stood. Many locals avoid visiting Washington Park a

The Betts House

The oldest brick building in Ohio, the 1804 Betts House is haunted by the Children of the Betts family. Refusing to move on from their familial home, they are often heard chuckling during tours of their historic home.

The Hauntings of Cincinnati

One of Ohio’s most populous cities, Cincinnati, has had a pension for unbridled growth and, in effect, attracting death. Since its founding in 1802, “Cincny” has grown into a metropolis full of theatres, churches, music halls, and bars that remember the old days a little too well. By the mid-19th century, the city had become full of overgrown cemeteries. Today, many of the city’s most famous buildings sit atop these hallowed grounds.


The 20th century brought new populations into Cincinnati’s mostly German demographic. The cultures shifted, but the old establishments remained the same, and conflicts and murders changed the city’s face. Prohibition brought organized crime into the fold, and underground tunnels were utilized to transport liquor. Many hold the spirits of victims caught in the crossfire of this dangerous time.


Alongside the city’s beauty lies an undercurrent of murderous memories and terrifying tales. Join Cincinnati Ghosts as we uncover the true haunted history of The Queen City.


The Most Haunted Places in Cincinnati, OH


The ghostly world seeps into all aspects of Cincinnati life, seemingly impossible to escape. Take Bobby Mackey’s Music World, for example. Laying on the edge of Cincinnati city boundaries, Bobby Mackey’s was once a slaughterhouse in the 1850s that now claims to have a portal to hell and is home to a slew of demonic activity—Sedamsville Rectory and The Buffalo Ridge Crematorium both experience similar unexplainable and demonic phenomena.


No location in Cincinnati seems safe from the terrors of the otherworldly. Lick Road is a popular haunted destination in Cincinnati, said to be inhabited by the ghost of a girl named Amy, whose footsteps can be heard at night. The Stenton House, located in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, is an old Victorian mansion home to a ghost doomed to repeat a tragic suicide. Cincinnati Ghosts invites you to explore all the spooky wonder lurking around every corner of the city.

Reasons to Take the Cincinnati Ghost Tour

You want a thrilling adventure

While we welcome explorers of all ages, it’s not for the faint of heart. This historical tour will bring to light Cincinnat ... i’s dark past in a way that is fun, thrilling, and more than spooky! As we walk through one of Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhoods, get ready to see a new side of the city you’ll have to experience to believe.

It’s date night

There’s no need to draw straws on what to do for date night…We’ve got everything taken care of. Just show up and we’l ... l do the talking, and let you do the hand-holding! This ghost tour is the perfect night to make things fun and switch up a night on the couch with the same recycled Netflix shows. You’ll be talking about this night for many moons to come!

You’ve had too much beer

We get it. Cincinnati’s beer scene is impressive. Eventually, you’ll reach your limit and be itching to experience our on ... e-of-a-kind ghost tour. But we hope you don’t get too sick of beer, because one of our stops happens to be Taft’s Ale House. Breweries are deeply woven into the history of Cincinnati. Set down your glass for the night, and come experience a sobering reality.

The shops have all closed down

Findlay Market is one of the oldest public markets in Cincinnati, making it a historical point of interest. And yet, so are a ... ll the stops on our tour! Our evening ghost tours are the perfect activity once all the shops and attractions close for the night. You can get your goodies in the day and your goosebumps at night!

You’re intrigued by ghosts

Whether you’re a Ghost Adventure fanatic or a hard-blown skeptic, our tour is perfect for you. You will discover numerous h ... istoric accounts of authentic hauntings that will put cold-blooded fear rushing deep through your veins. Bring your skeptic friends or your crazy aunt; all are guaranteed an experience they’ll never forget!

You want to learn more about Cincinnati

This beautiful Queen City is famous for its many attractions, architecture, and cuisine. But none of these things would be wh ... at they are today without the complex history that lays the foundation. Join us on this tour to learn not only a new side of Cincinnati that you haven’t seen but a deeper appreciation for the city’s enthralling past.

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